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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 17, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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left this evening. don't forget we don't want to you miss an episode "hannity", the series set your dvr. start at 5:00 and don't forget "the five". see you back here tomorrow night. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i didn't believe that this kind of planning was carried off with just these two pilots. if this is what it is beginning to look like. it was much more sophisticated more speculation about what happened to the airliner that disappeared 10 days ago. tonight we will will advance the story and give you factual information. >> this is an enormous victory for putin restoring crimea once part of the soviet union to russia. >> what will president obama do to putin and russia for violating international law. >> also tonight bernie
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goldberg on the press going insane over the missing airliner and watters world, the russians in america edition. >> when he say something he means it and he does it not like obama. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the mystery of the missing airliner. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. everywhere i went over the weekend people were asking me about the malaysian airliner that disappeared into thin air. pardon the pun. even david letterman asked me about it friday night. >> let me ask you about the missing airliner. a week later, puff. like a david copper field thing where did it go. >> it lock looks to me.
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this is speculation it looks to me like pilot suicide. there is no terror act. when you commit a terror act you want everybody to know. >> no one really has come forward, have they? >> no. and the guys turned off the transponders in the plane. you have to do turn them off manually. somebody did that. and it looks like this guy veered off and went 400 miles another direction. is he not lost. these things fly themselves. so it looks to me like a pilot suicide. >> now, as i stated, that is speculation. and i don't like to do that here on the factor. it's okay on an entertainment show. on a news program we try to stay factual. however, there is no question that many americans want to hear all kinds of theories about what might have happened to the plane. based upon all the information we have now i can say i believe the jet is at the bottom of the indian ocean. of course, i could be wrong. we will let our expert handle the facts in just a few moments. the story reminds me of the john f. kennedy jr. plane crash. you may remember nearly 15
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years ago jfk's son, his wife, and her sister disappeared off the coast of martha's vineyard in massachusetts. the 38-year-old kennedy was flying a light plane in fog. for days americans tuned in to hear theory about the tragedy because no facts were known. in the end it was pilot earer as the plane error as the plane flied off long island sound. so honorable. helpless in the sky depending on the pilots. very frustrating to cover a story like the malaysian jet in a responsible way. but the world is engaged, there is no question about it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. what we know for certain, joining us from washington scott brenner, a former senior official at the faa. what did you learn over the weekend, mr. breber? >> i guess i learned two things, bill. the first thing we learned was the confirmation that one of the communication systems was shut off prior to the pilot signing off with air traffic control. i think that's very telling
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that a pilot still has the wherewithal to calm this, to basically shut down the acar system and, again, that's the reporting system that reports back to the maintenance facility on how that aircraft is doing. checks in with air traffic control and then turns off the transponder. i think we got confirmation on that. i think that's very telling. >> that was the guy shah, right? the pilot shah? >> we don't know who signed off. that's what i'm curious about. >> the malaysians know but they haven't given it out yet, right? >> correct. >> there were two pilots in the cockpit, right, two? >> right. >> all right. so, this guy shah and then he had a guy next to him, a younger guy, his name escapes me at the moment, there it is, okay. so hamid. shah and hamid are there. the pilot is doing something
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or whoever that was. if the co-pilot did it but it doesn't look like they are in it together to me. it looks like one guy is doing the mischief and the other guy is probably dead or unconscious. again, that's conjecture but there doesn't seem to be any kind of strife there or you would have heard it, some guy would have grabbed the mike and said hey, this is going crazy. so we have to do this like a sherlock holmes thing. >> right. >> you have to deduce what happened. now, this guy shah, first of all, i didn't believe aliens took the plane as another network reported and discussed that aliens might have taken it you are not buying into it. >> no u not yet. >> we don't believe aliens took it another guy on fox news said it might have landed in pakistan or other terrorist country. i think that would have been picked up by radar and satellites right? >> absolutely. >> it's a big plane.
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and, number three, this is a piece of evidence that i think is interesting. the pilot shah was very very upset that a political figure in malaysia anwr i i object bra was ibrahim. the pilot was sentenced in the courtroom before he went up. he was a supporter of this ibrahim sentenced to five years in prison for political activities. now, that tells me, you know, that this guy was going into this plane upset. and, again, i'm going to keep my theory of pilot suicide on the table. can you knock that theory down? >> not yet. i mean, if it was not pilot suicide. it would have been an incredible attempt by somebody on board that aircraft within 26 minutes of takeoff to take over that cockpit. i think that would be very difficult to do. >> and to know how to disable the two systems that we have discussed on this
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program that you had to be very sophisticated in knowing where they were and to dismantle them. i mean, you would have to have somebody there. plus, the malaysian jet, like all other jets is a secure facility. it's a locked door. you have to get through that door, correct? >> locked, bullet proof, it's solid. >> it's not like you knock and say come on in. and the other thing is -- i don't want to mock my colleagues but there is really nothing i could do. there is the theory this thing went up 45,000, 50 pete feet kill everybody in the plane. i heard that all week long they killed everybody by taking the plane up. that's not true, right? >> i find it hard to believe because the traps responder had been turned off they are relying on primary radar old fashioned 1930s developed. you send out a ping and wait to are for it to swing bing off someone.
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they when they said increased and decress in elevation, this was taken on the absolute extreme radar cities. down to around 26,000 feet in a minute. for it to have gone down that fast, it would have been traveling faster than the speed of sound. most likely that plane would have come apart in the air. >> even if you went to 45,000 feet, that wouldn't kill the people on board. they would still be alive because oxygen masks would have come down and all of that or am i wrong on that? >> oxygen masks are not like full oxygen masks there is a good chance they would have survived at 45,000 feet. they weren't at 45 very long. >> okay. now the final thing is the ocean. the indian ocean is vast and there is not a lot of activity in that ocean. so, if that plane did go down in the ocean. the odds of it being found
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are very slim at this point. >> absolutely. i mean, we are talking 7, 8 days now? >> 10 days. >> all the heavy stuff would have already sank to the bottom. >> yeah. >> anything that would have floated could be dispersed over hundreds of miles. >> right. people -- it's a vast body of water. not like the atlantic ocean where you have got a lot of traffic and things in there. there is nothing there. so, it's very strange. mr. brennan, we appreciate your straightforward analysis. and -- >> -- thank you, bill. >> if anything happens, obviously we are going to tell everybody. we are going to try to tamp down the speculation. next on the rundown, putin wins, at least in the short one, as he takes over to crimea. what should president obama do to him. and then later thousands of russians moved to the u.s.a. some illegally. jesse watters went down to meet some of them and explain what's going on. factor will come right back. ♪
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everybody knew that would happen once russian troops occupied the peninsula. here is how president obama acted this morning. >> we are imposing sanctions on specific individuals responsible for undermining the sovereignty, territorial integrity and government of ukraine. we're making it clear that there are consequences for their actions. >> okay, joining us from washington fox news strategic analyst lt. colonel ralph peters. so i got the list of the guys. i can't pronounce pronounce most of their names. serge. leon -- fine. any of these in american banks, frozen. they can't come here. so what? why does putin care? he doesn't care. anybody losing any money, putin will just make it up
8:14 pm
to him, right? >> right. it's only a couple dozen russians and rogue ukrainians that they can't vacation in vegas this year not vacation in crimea. it's appalling to me that these tepid measurees only encourage putin. >> isn't there something to be said though for gathering a consensus and that takes a long time to deal with these pinheads over in europe recommendation you have to gather them all together and explain it 87 times and have lunch and coffee and cigarettes and it takes a while to get all these people mobilized so once you do i'm assuming this is what kerry and obama are trying to do then it's more powerful. okay, we're going to slap all banking is off limits to the russians. ruin the currency, the ruble is what i suggest they document so maybe that's what they are doing behind the scenes is trying to get
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them all together and then drop the hammer on putin. cob census is a great idea. sometimes you have to lead. this is one of those times. i will will tell you there is three things that president obama can do and should do. one, stop pretending negotiations will solve all the world's problems. i mean, vladimir putin is playing games and we are playing do downton abbey. a gift to russia would get putin's attention. putin's military is really hollow and they have real financial problems. the third thing and we could do this, you know, unilaterally if we had to. i want europe on board. they are timid and afraid of using money. broad, deep sanctions that really bite. because putin's long term -- i stress long term achilles heel is that he does not understand economics. >> sure. have you got to convince him as i said and it's not easy
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to do that if the united states says we are going to put missiles back into poland and other countries on the eastern borders of russia, what putin will do is take over the eastern part of ukraine. what are you going to do? that's why he has got the triewps there. so i didn't believe that putin is going to invade. i think putin would only do that if we do something like put the missiles back. did you factor in that equation? so, it's all unintended consequences. so if obama says we are putting the missiles back, bang, eastern ukraine is gone. you know they are not going to use military action against putin. that's not going to happen. so putin is just saying anything you do to us we are going to take more territory and more territory. so they are afraid. >> well, they are very afraid. but fear is not a wise strategy. it's not an effective strategy. bill, i think you are wrong about something. it's not that putin is going to move into eastern ukraine or other parts of ukraine if we do x, y, or z. he is gonna go for eastern
8:17 pm
ukraine and southeastern ukraine anyway. >> how do you know that, colonel? how do you know that? because ambassador in london said flat out they weren't going to do it. i look at it as if i am putin i'm putting my guys if you do anything to us then we will move. but right now we will keep them there. that's what i think is in play here. >> bill, you are wrong. >> i have been wrong a lot. tell me how you are so thoroughly convinceed i know the russians and i understand putin unlike most people in this administration. he believes that ukraine is incident at the gradual part of russia. three, he wants vengeance on you rain crane. is he vin particularrive as ruthless and brilliant. the only question is how will he do it? military force sooner rather than later? use subversion and wait for provocations? i can't tell you how and when he is going to do it.
8:18 pm
bill, can i tell you with 100% certainty. bet my life with ghost of jimmy the greek. putin is not satisfied. he will take at least eastern and southeastern ukraine when he is ready. >> all right colonel. very provocative, thank you. directly ahead, it is all over for obamacare. i'm not exaggerating. a very quiet development you may not have heard about signals the end. i'm going to explain that to you when we come right back. ready for action? take osteo bi-flex®. osteo bi-flex® nurtures and helps defend your joints° because it's specially formulated with joint shield (tm)... so now you can keep doing... and doing... and doing what you love. hi mom, dad... what'd you guys do today? the usual! osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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factor follow up segment tonight. say good by to obamacare as we know it. obama administration says it will not, it will not enforce the so-called individual mandate to buy health insurance. that's called the hardship exemption.
8:22 pm
and it was buried in regulations last december. i did not know this until last week but we have just discovered the hardship deal. let me be clear. all you have to do is tell the irs it was too hard to access the obamacare web site or whatever, it's too hard, too difficult, and you will not be fined that means you don't have to buy health insurance. you can skate. you don't have to buy it that means the affordable health care law is pretty much over. in addition, president obama is finally fessing up. do you remember if when he said you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. here is the latest message to the folks. >> they might have to end up switching doctors in part because they are saving money. that's true, you know, if your employer suddenly decides we think this network is going to give a better deal. we think this is going to help keep premiums lower. you have got to use this doctor as opposed to that one. >> all right. so welcome dr. lenny. joining us now to sort it
8:23 pm
all out, mary katharine ham and juan williams here in washington this evening. all right, juan, now, i just want to you stay in the realm of reality. the reason that this law was passed and the supreme court ruled it constitutional was to give every american a chance at healthcare. >> right. >> all right? it forces you to buy it. the uninsured get it subsidized for free. now, you don't have to buy it if it's too hard, juan. it's over. >> let me just suggest to you this is a fantasy, a wish list being spread by the right wing blogs that you have bought into and it's meant to sabotage obamacare. >> you don't have to buy it if it's too hard. >> that's not true, william. >> the hardship exemption. >> yeah, the hardship exemption is something that says that if you have had a fire in your home, you are a
8:24 pm
victim of spousal abuse, some other catastrophic. >> if your dog rap away, it's too hard. >> you know, let me give you the flaw in your logic. you can apply for a hardship exemption, doesn't mean you are going to get it. in massachusetts. >> they had to investigate all the hardship exemptions. the irs is going to fan out. 320 million people and say where is your dog? come on, juan. >> this is a fantasy because, in the massachusetts example, which is there, concrete, been there for seven years, less than one half of 1% had anything to do with like a hardship exemption. this is a fantasy by people who want to get rid of obamacare but the republicans in washington know it's not real because just last week they had yet another vote to try to delay the individual mandate to 2018. why are they doing that if what you say is true? >> they are doing that to curry favor and win the election in the fall. that's why they are doing it let mary katharine jump in. >> hold on. they are also doing it because it would be. >> am i wrong?
8:25 pm
am i wrong? >> also taking it because it would be a legal way to delay the mandate instead of doing what barack obama does which is decide different parts of the law he doesn't want to enforce. that is a way that we can do that in a congressional republic that we live. in as to the actual meat of the issue here juan is right that the hardship exemption used to be relegated to the things, the very serious things that he brought up. it has been expanded post the apocalyptic rollout of this law to say, look, if you lost your healthcare, due to obamacare, then, yes, you can have a hardship exemption. you have to turn in this paper that says that you need a hardship exemption. now they have expanded it further to say okay, if you believe that these plans are unaffordable, under the affordable care act, then you just sign a paper and you turn it in. the thing is, it doesn't require documentation so maybe they are not technically delaying but they are not going to enforce this thing. >> absolutely right. they are not going to enforce it, so there won't
8:26 pm
be the money then, and then i predict, juan, by this time next year, 20 million people will be uninsured. 20 million americans still won't have insurance. because it's just too chaotic. and democrats are going to get their butts kicked in november anyway. we have rove coming up behind you going to prove that to us. so, juan, i know you are a big obamacare guy, but you have got to surrender, man, you have got to wave the white plag that, it is over for the time being. >> i tempted to just say you are right, bill, because that just let's you run off into this fantasy, i care too much -- i just think that you should be in touch with reality and the reality is they are going to have more than a million people at the end of this month enrolled. if it wasn't for the republican governors who are making their own people suffer by not expanding medicare, they could have. >> in democratic states who created horrible exchanges that don't work and don't enroll anybody, you might want to add them to your list of enemies. >> it's really nothing. if this were a popular law
8:27 pm
and everybody was buying into it would be 50 million. if everybody thought that obama care health insurance was good for them and their families. they would do it, juan. they are struggling to get the 5 million. >> the concept is okay. but the execution is bad. need to go back to the drawing board. we need to redesign it. and everything like that. >> they won't allow for it because of political reasons. >> if you can't get people to buy something he they are forced to buy by law it ain't a good product. >> they are going to pay a horrendous price in november. wait to see. juan and mary katharine, thank you. as the factor moves along this evening, i think it's safe to say that much of the malaysian jet liner coverage has been irresponsible and stupid. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. then watters world, russians in america edition. very interesting. they like putin. hope you stay tuned to those reports. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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personal story segment tonight. front page article in the "new york times" today says democrats are in trouble because president obama is now so unpopular. karl rove says it is, quote: highly likely that the g.o.p. will take the senate in november. however, you may remember that mr. rove predicted a victory for mitt romney. just saying. joining us from washington is the aforementioned karl rove. you know i pointed out you know i had to do that. of course, bill, everybody remembers that you came out and said that barack obama
8:32 pm
was going to win a strong victory for a second term i believe. >> no, i didn't. i said he was going to win. i didn't say a strong victory. i said he was going to win. i was right and you were wrong. that's all right. you have been right and i have been wrong on other issues. now let's get so the senate all the races are in front of belief you believe mary landrieu will lose. >> i do. she is one the democrats running are red state for re-election. all of those are either slightly behind, slightly ahead or dead even with the republican opponents. all four of those republican opponents share something in common. they are nowhere as well known as a democrat incumbent. i think the democrats stand a good chance in four seats. three democrat red seats in states that john mccain and mitt romney carried where the democrat incumbent saw the writing on the wall and pulled the rip cord in those
8:33 pm
three states. south dakota, montana. republican candidates have more cash on hand and lead in the public polls by between 14 and 20 points. i think those states are likely to go republican as well. >> so, if my prediction about landrieu is true, that's four pickups right there. now, in virginia. i think that warner will beat ed gillespie, right? >> well, we will see. you know, warner would have to be the favored can at a time because he has got a lot of money. wealthiest member of the united states, worth half a billion dollars. on the other hand he is clearly unnerved by gillespie appearance in the race. early fundraising appears to be very good. his events seem to have a lot of energy a lot of young people showing up. >> i would be surprised though in virginia. >> could be. >> machine you know. democratic machine it's a purple state and president obama's poll numbers well
8:34 pm
below the average. >> al franken, disgrace that he even got elected in minnesota. he has voted 100% of the time for barack obama. never deviated. he is a shrill. i mean, i am not even going to call him any more names. now, he is the worse. a guy named mike mcfadden is running against him. i don't know anything about him. how do you see this? >> first of all mcfadden is part of a big field. he has a republican state -- excuse me, state senator running against him. she is well thought of. there is a republican commission. county commissioner. several other people in the race. but mcfadden is thought to be the frontrunner. he is a former investment banker who never left minnesota. interestingly enough, i think several decades ago, almost 20 years ago started a charter school serving some the poorest people, poorest kids in minneapolis saint paul, black, brown, people and has incredible record. he not only underwrote it and served as a chairman of the board. apparently he was the
8:35 pm
substitute teacher and guy who would sweep out the classroom. interesting profile for a republican. however, he has got to go through a state convention and primary and it's relatively late. this race if it's going to come together. we are not going to know this coming together until september. it's one among the 14 where the democrats have things to worry about. >> how weak is franken? is he still holding his approval rating after tieing himself to obama like that? >> well, look. franken is telling people that if the president's job approval is less than 50% in minnesota in october, then he is in trouble. the president is below 50% job approval today. in minnesota. and i suspect there is not going to be much of anything that is going to raise him up between now and october. this could be a barn burner. it depends on the outcome oof the republican primary as do several of these others. >> okay. now, the other one is scott brown who just had to resign from scott news because it looks like he is going to run against gene shaheen in
8:36 pm
nebraska. perceived as carpet bagger because he has a home in new hampshire but primary residents in massachusetts. >> first of all his family, he grew up in new hampshire. actually born in bath, maine where the hospital is for ports mouth. seven generations of his family buried in new hampshire. she can't run against him on the issue of carpet bagger. jeanne shaheen moved there 27 years ago. seven generations of buried there. lived in the state for 20 some odd years versus someone who moved from missouri who says you can't represent the state. remember, this is also a state where about a third of the population has moved there in the last i think 20 or 25 years. most of them from massachusetts. >> do you think brown beats her? >> i think brown is going to have a real good race. this is a small enough state. his real strength is he is one of the best retail campaigners. he is a guy he liked being around pickup truck. state of massachusetts when
8:37 pm
he ran there. i suspect we are going to see the same person. guaranteed. >> i think you missed out on some of the other races where republicans stand a good chance alaska arkansas withed to khat in louisiana. you mentioned dr. bill cassidy. i we have seen this nate silver of 270 fame believes that the republicans are likely to take the senate. larry sabato, the university of virginia. there is a growing consensus. particularly in the after math. >> putin is. not at all it's making him appear a weak leader and that hurts him on domestic and international fronts by november. >> all right, mr. rove, as we come back, crazy media coverage of the missing airliner. watters on why so many russians have come to america and they still like putin. those reports after these
8:38 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. insane coverage of the vanished malaysian airliners watching all this wild speculation has me on edge, it's headache-inducing and
8:42 pm
driven by ratings and not journalism. joining us from miami purveyor of mr. goldberg. we discounted the aliens grabbed it earlier on the program. that was actually discussed. that was actually an extraterrestrial experience. >> super natural was the word. super natural. >> i mean, what's going on? >> well, were first let's acknowledge that this is a legitimate news story that it's just a tremendous mystery and that in the beginning, certain amount of speculation was legitimate because since we didn't know what happened to the plane, we wanted to know what might have happened to it. but, now 95% of what we are watching on television is speculation. and we are being entertained far more than we are being informed and basically the reason for it is there is a lot of time to fill on capable and, as you know, the story gets good ratings.
8:43 pm
>> yeah, the story has gotten good ratings, particularly for cnn. they in their prime time lineup under it crlg considerably among old younger viewers. "48 hours mysteries" on saturday night. under the cbs news banner by the way. they like mysteries, particularly if it's a personal thing like a plane, what would i do if maybe it's lost in the jungle and dinosaurs are going to come out and we have to fight them. all of thiessen narrows. as far as i'm concerned, i can't do it. i told a bunch of people. i can only do stories grounded in reality. i cannot do -- well, maybe this happened, you know, 10 days after the fact. i can't. and that's just the way it's gonna be. >> well, good for you. and i'm not saying that sarcastically. good for you. because, a lot of what we're seeing is not only not news, it's not new.
8:44 pm
>> over and over again. >> you know, it's like -- you know, you are practically getting people. remember the old days this just. in it's like this just, in a malaysian jet liner has gone missing. no, it went missing over a week ago. i get it. there is just so much information that's really new and everything beyond that is not news. it's something else. and what it is either info takenment or entertainment which is ratings driven. but we are not getting a lot of news because. >> there isn't any. >> there isn't any. >> there isn't any, contactually. >> we -- exactly. >> we know what the malaysians are tell us. they aren't telling us everything. there will be updates about. this you will see this pilot ohio think is probably the guy that's at the heart of this matter, this shah guy. now, everywhere i went over the weekend i was in pittsburgh on friday, friday night. and then new york over the
8:45 pm
weekend. everybody is talking about. this i mean, people who never watch the news are talking about this. and are asking me what happened to it. i don't know what happened to it it's gone. it's probably at the bottom of the indian ocean, do i believe that in my heart. i think it's at the bottom of the indian ocean. go ahead. >> there is something in the human condition. and i think it goes back a million years in the human condition where we need to know answers to certain things. and since, as you said earlier, at one time or another most of us fly, this just a tremendous -- we're drawn to it. >> right. >> but, and i just want to make sure people at home don't think you were kidding. on cnn, one of the hosts introduced the idea of the super natural, saying this is sunday. we go to church on sunday. we deal with the super natural in church. could the super natural be involved in the disappearance of the plane? well, the answer is no.
8:46 pm
no. the super natural has nothing to do with this but that's out there. >> goldberg, you will be sorry if they find this plane on venus. you are going to be sorry. >> you know what? i'm done. if this happens, i'm done. >> you are through, all right. you have got to be careful and hedge it a little bit. >> you will be able to reach me on pluto if they find. >> there is no pluto anymore. it's gone. >> that's why you will find me there. >> all right. bernie goldberg. everybody. watters world on deck. a flood of russians have come to america. some illegally and watters confronts them. a lot of them like putin. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel,
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world, there are literally tens of thousands of russians who have come to the u.s.a. and, perhaps, the biggest influx are living in brighten beach and other areas of brooklyn, new york. so we sent watters to welcome the them. >> waves of russian immigrants settled here in brooklyn in the sheepshead bay in brighton, brooklyn, in the early '90s. they were attracted to the cheap rent, the shore atmosphere, and a lot of other european cultures who were here, you're from where? >> sochi. >> sochi, the olympics, lot of russians running around here, does it ever get crazy in the street? >> no.
8:51 pm
>> putin is very smart, he is not a nazi. >> he is not a nazi? i'll give him that. >> he is schizophrenia, and he is just torturing two countries right now. >> i don't even want to talk about putin right now, because whatever he does, it doesn't matter that much. >> when he says something he means it. >> putin is taking own ukraine. >> he is not invited. they asked for his help. >> does putin scare you? >> not really. >> do i scare you? >> not at all. >> what about obama? >> obama is nice, too. i like him. >> he is not tough enough to deal with anybody. >> now, putin and obama, who is winning? >> putin, because he has strategy, and president obama i believe does not. >> of course, putin.
8:52 pm
>> putin. >> who do you think would win in a fight? obama or putin? >> putin. >> obama is not from new york. >> what are you drinking over here? >> vodka. >> it is noon. >> that doesn't matter. >> and how do you guys relax around here? >> just tweak. ♪ ♪ ♪ you think obama is sexy? >> i have a different type. >> yeah, who is your type? >> robert deniro. >> the russian mob, are they around here? what do they do? >> i love them. >> i love them. >> what about the russian mob, are they around here? are you afraid of them? >> me, i don't even know who they are. >> i am never afraid of
8:53 pm
russians. >> you ever watch "the o'reilly factor"? >> no, i could care less. >> what is your favorite part? >> don't come too close. >> okay you have been working out? >> a little bit. >> how old are you? >> i'm 35. i'm watters, and this is my world right here. >> what do you mean by that? >> thought he said russian moms, not mob. watters is not here tonight. but i want you to know that most of the russians he met do support putin, that is interesting. factor tip of the day, your
8:54 pm
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that is able to see, to calculate, to think -- and can respond to what it encounters. ♪ even if that means completely stopping itself. it's the stuff of science fiction...
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factor tip of the day, tracing your ancestors in a moment, but first, we would like you to become a premium member on st. patrick's day, we'll bribe you, giving you one of my books for free. also, we have a democratic straw poll, last week they shocked people by picking ben carson, the republican nod. and as always, the billo'reilly premium membership. and bill, you and dobbs are wrong, the republican nominee must learn what hillary clinton is made out of. we already know what she is made out of. george, california, the uniformed speculation over the missing jet is over the top. everyone should slow down. not going to happen, george, because some americans like the
8:57 pm
speculation. it is a mystery thing, viewers are trying to figure out and develop their own theory. so conjecture rules until the folks get tired of it. carol, dayton, nevada, o'reilly, thank you for pointing out that some news commentators are wasting people's time. problem is, some people don't mind. and thanks for a wonderful performance with letterman you backed up your criticism of beyonce with facts. and bill, i want to thank you for speaking out the messages that beyonce is putting out. bridge back aretha. she still tours, beth, and still is the queen of soul. aretha franklin. susan betters, pennsylvania, mr. o'reilly, you and miller put on a wonderful show in pennsylvania friday. it was truly great. thank you for showing up. and under shows, honolulu, rapid
8:58 pm
city, the details coming up. please don't forget, doing a benefit on april 3rd. i'll link you up at the box office. it will be a blast, finally, happy st. patrick's day to everybody. there are about 40 million americans from ireland. my people came over from ireland, on my mother's side, from ireland, i am 100% irish, which is either a blessing or a tragedy depending on how you look at it. today, thousands turned out today for the st. patrick's day. i'm proud to see this display every year, but i'm not proud of the drinking culture that surrounds it. st. patrick was a good guy, helped the poor immensely, and should be honored with sobriety. i think everybody should be proud of their ethnic heritage, no matter what it is. there is a site called
8:59 pm, which will track down your ancestors both here and abroad. the factor tip of the day knowing where you come from is a good thing, a noble thing and you should pass it onto your children. all right? i go back to ireland every two or three years. it is just a magical place to go for me. but i also like to go other places. but when i go there, you can just feel it. and i'm sure whatever ethnicity you are if you go back you will feel the same thing. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox factor website, different from bill o'reilly., name and town if you wish to opine, word of the day. it's a real world, no flapdoodle, it is a real world.
9:00 pm
if you're deed oteed off, we wa know. ms. megyn is next, please remember the spin stops here, we are definitely looking out for you.


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